VivaMK Update with Michael Khatkar 18th April 2019

Afternoon VivaMKĀ  thank you for joining me again for a live VivaMK business update it’s always great to catch up with you all and give you some live interaction on what’s happening in the business and there’s some cases what’s not happening in the business of course and but generally to give you an update today I’m back at HQ and then HQ have always had this picture of the K2 mountain in the background because you know in this kind of business and in business sometimes it is a mountain to climb but do we ever give up do we hell do we ever slow down do we how we carry on moving we carry on stepping up and we keep on going and that’s been one of the principles of this business right from the beginning never ever ever give up on what we want to achieve so just a quick update at the weekend um it was little Donald’s millionaires fantastic meeting incredible birth excitement and the feeling of that the business that you really want to be in now the reason I’m mentioning that meeting is because of the energy and excitement and the anticipation is fantastic being at these meetings and I know I’m Laurin Hardy our own ramen handy I’ve got a whole stretch of big ones lined up undoubtedly you’ve seen the link if not they will post it here so you can see where their next meetings are it’s always worth going to meetings let’s never ever become a business that doesn’t have these incredible meetings and get-togethers where we discuss business we discuss the future and more importantly we just simply connect with each other it’s so important and that was a great example of how the business comes together works together and gets excited together so thank you them for putting that up creating that meeting fantastic exposure to what the business is all about of course talking meetings and I’ll talk about this every week now I’m going to have a list of speakers very soon for how I don’t stop me now showcase on the 31st of August of course you know we have a lot of speakers to choose from we have a lot of people that are engaged in the business a lot of people that have got a lot to tell us from what we can learn and a lot of people inspire and motivate us and lots of you’ve given me recommendations and suggestions who should be speaking I do have a lists being created somewhere up here of the speakers that will have that will be inspiring and motivating us of course don’t ever hesitate to let me know if you feel that somebody should really have that exposure it’s a fantastic thing to be able to do to inspire hundreds of people so if you feel there’s somebody that you really feel needs a hair time I’m certainly willing to give them that exposure so you can always let me know you can even write comments right here of who you think should be appearing on stage as I say I’ve already got a disc forming in my head of what we want to be said on the day and who’s going to say but if you have any ideas don’t ever hesitate I can just about see the screen today say hello everybody it’s great to see you here watching and of course for the people that will watch later on now as far as our showcases cuz then of course as tickets that’s got months yet but I do intend along with you the greatest event of the year I feel like we did that back in February but I do know we can do even better yet and I absolutely think we will it will become the event of the year and it will be another representation of the business that people want to be in that they feel right to be in and you know I often get criticized of course every single day in the Copts don’t we all often get criticized for you know what for people joining the business and maybe leaving other businesses to do so you know that’s none of my business if people want to join this business you are free to join I’m not particularly bothered with what else you’re doing I just know that will make this a home for you no matter where you are what you’re doing who’s telling you not to be with us I don’t care if you want to be here join us you can even call me or email me direct if you want to discuss that with me and we’ve had a lot of that lately where for one reason or another and as always I don’t want me to rock retreat or other businesses but we’ve had quite lots of communication from other organizations of people simply wanting to be with us and be part of this business I’m not really bothered about what else anybody is doing I’m not really bothered of what else anybody’s involved in all I’m bothered if you join us I will personally do my utmost to make you feel welcome and feel part of this adventure and feel part and partnership of what we have to offer here and I’d like to think that everybody involved feels like that that you’re part of the partnership that you’re part of the project that you’re part of the pain that we sometimes go through which I’ll talk about in a moment yes there’s never a day without pain but you know what there’s never a day without progress either with progress sometimes does campaign and I’ll tell you something it certainly comes in hand when you’re in a startup business like ours and we are a startup business it’s been not even ten months yet of course I can’t forever start saying it keeps saying he’s only been X number of months at some point it’ll come over a year and then we really you know I can’t the car can’t talk about that so much but you know you mean ten months there’s always progress every single day there’s always pain every single day but that’s acceptable because it’s a start-up business and we have to go through that mass pain to make the progress that we’re making just a quick update and a couple of products that you’ll see on the news flash you think I would have the products here to demonstrate you but I’ve been temporarily banned from demonstrating products before because I demonstrate them in a non health and safety kind of fashion so when I did spill wine on my shirt and try to blot it out with wine remover I got in trouble because you’re not really supposed to put it on your skin and various other things that I’ve demonstrated temporarily I am banned from actually showing you live products that can put me in jeopardy and poor customers in jeopardy so yes another restriction on mr.

Off so what I’ve got here and this one probably would have got me in trouble is a brush on mold remover gel goodness knows how I would have demonstrated that but that is going to be on the news flash site that should be on there today but this gel apparently when there is mold to be removed you do what it says there you brush it on and it draws out the mold draws it out and removes it so that’s a very powerful problem that’s a very powerful product but that’s what we label hopefully today on the news flash site then we’ve had dubs a request by the way that was many of you were requesting that product but I’m banned from actually demonstrating it from you demonstrating to you because apparently I’d probably get it in my eyes and it would be all kinds of trouble then we have another product that has been requested by many of you you’re obviously having trouble in your households and that is an anti snore pillow spray I’m assuming that you sprayed that product upon your pillows and it stops Laurie hasn’t got long thumbs anyway um that’s going to be available today as well apparently very popular product people have been asking for it as they have been asking for this one so those will be available today again I don’t know what kind of trouble uh could have got in with demonstrating anti snore pillow spray but apparently I’m still not allowed to demonstrate it other than these pictures so there you go those products are available say if you you know you constantly make product suggestions and thank you for that I really appreciate that keep doing those we have a product suggestions email it’s called product suggestions at Viva m’kay calm so if you have products just just keep making them and that’s where those two in particular have come from of course fourth coming attractions always talk about forthcoming catalogs which are in full production I was meant to give you an exact timeline this week but it’s been another very busy week and I just haven’t got around to it but I will give you time running products and I keep showing you various products and these are some more pages from the forthcoming outdoor catalog which is coming very very soon I’ve always pushed for end of April I didn’t loot the fact that it might just dip into the first week or so of May because we’re hardly want to production challenges but hey as I said there’s no progress without pains so this is another page from that catalog these are apparently towels in the shape of pizza donuts and burgers apparently such towels are very very popular so that’s just more importantly not so much about the product I’m trying to demonstrate the lay of the book at the catalog the way it’s going to look and and the feel of in the colorfulness and the way it’s laid out which is most important also so so that’s that yeah funny shaped pillows pillows funny shaped towels and various shapes and sizes and then there’s more of the fair trade now last week we had a lot of feedback on the fair trade range that we are going to introduce into the cut into the outdoors catalog if you remember there were some pictures of the people that produce it representing a story behind the product because you all know when a product has a story it makes a product more attractive and gives people a feel to buy that product just a further demonstration of those fair trade type products these are all fair trade mosaic type products and garden lanterns again with the fair trade logo and again as I said a very important and new departure for us I just like to just grab a few pages to show you whenever I can but that catalog is no matter but a few weeks away and I will create an incentive so you can get hold of those free because like I’ve always said to you I want to try and keep your overheads down and keep our overall overheads down so we can pass them on to you and in in that respect you know when it comes to catalogs building the business keeping overheads and there’s some principles that I’ve tried to keep in place right from the beginning and that is never gonna change as much as it is a mountain to climb every single day as much as there is pain every single day there is constant progress but the one thing that has remained constant is this thing about never ever wanted to give up you know not one single day I thought you know it’s time to give up not not now not a year ago not even against all adversity when people were trying to get in the way or stop the process or criticize the process or just do things to sabotage the Pro I’ll tell you now and I know you watch it is never ever going to work because the one thing we have here in our business is a strength of people that really want to be here no one has been bullied to be in this business no one has been pushed to be in it I’d like to think that every single person that is on side in our organization today is here at the pure and utter choice now I’m not here to criticize other businesses but I know that doesn’t always happen but we have people out of choice that is a strength within itself so no matter what anybody says no matter what happens no matter what the systems update is that I’m about to give you nothing is ever going to get in our way not now not ever not after ten months not after ten years is just not going to happen so if you are trying just give up it’s just not worth it because you can’t be somebody that never gives up anyway systems update what a great tenuous link into systems update for those that have you been affected you’ve been getting emails almost on a daily basis we we sorted another further 100 accounts yesterday that all received their recognition from the new system plus their payment details we had over 200 new levels just in March alone it’s only in the last few days people have been actually being recognized through our system because we’re getting to the bottom of the configuration of the new self fund which is something see like 30 business days past the time line you know I don’t want to make excuses things should never go over the timeline but they often do and if they do you you can be rest assured that we’ve been busting our ass Contra sailor busting our backsides trying to get the project sorted you know every single day so if something is over the timeline it gone past the deadline it wasn’t for want of trying you know do understand that I know you do so yesterday we recognized another 150 separate distributorships with their new levels and their payment details we have 36 accounts remaining now that we’re waiting to be configured they’re the ones that have the more structure underneath them as in the more generational levels and compression that is being worked out in the plan so the 36 accounts left and then we are literally done with the configuration it’s not been an easy ride from it I always said it’s gonna be the first month of the new plan that’s gonna be painful even I didn’t know is gonna be as painful as it actually has been and is on a daily basis but we’re getting through it we’re getting through when we’re as I said we’re down to the last 36 I’ll be communicating to many of those today I’ve been slowly plumbing through those as well listen it’s never ideal it’s never easy it’s never straightforward but like I said for the people that don’t give up not only is there always progress but they can never be stopped you can’t beat somebody or a system that just won’t give up so we’ll keep going and we’ll keep going until it’s done it’s been a project of a lifetime it really has and you know we we’re always going to get people supporting us which is fantastic because it’s the business where people want to be and even in a month like March to have 200 new brand new levels throughout the sales plan has been an extraordinary team we don’t know some of you only found that out yesterday but listen celebrate those tell people because of lots of clowns out there that still don’t want to give us the time of day because we don’t have brown sheeeit you know we may have a heritage from where we came from but we don’t have brand recognition so celebrate your new level tell the world your VivaMK mm or a premiere or Viva MK 500 tell the world is happening tell the world world we’re growing and don’t ever forget I’ve seen a lot of great posts on this subjects we are only 10 months in you know this isn’t a business us recognized and recognition levels are after decades in business this is only ten months so do shout it from the rooftops tell the world about it because as I said there are clowns out there big scary clowns song from our scary past that are you know that that are critical because we are so new and because we haven’t shouted enough about the results partly because we haven’t configured the results only until about yesterday so if you are one of those people recognize do tell the world tell the world what’s happening tell the world the good things you know it’s a very personal business and yet when it comes to business it’s not personal it’s just business we are doing the business we’re trying to do business the world we’re trying to do business with your customers and we as an organization are trying to do business with you and it is a business and it’s going to be you know it’s a very valiant a business it’s a very substantial business as a formidable business but ten months in we’re going to keep growing we can’t be derailed it we can’t we can’t be put off because we’re too powerful as a collective that goes forward every day when creating new products for you every day you know we will being supported by you and like I’ve always said this is such a joint operation not just all the people that work here but your support that gets are there and you know there’s much of that represented of the meeting on Saturday that’s why these meetings are so important but all the calls get all the emails you send you know supportive ones and ones that are recommending things I feel like all of us are in business together climbing this mountain together I feel we’re all doing it together and you know no matter what the pain it is totally worth while every single day you say things and do things and you’re supportive and every step of climbing this mountain is worthwhile so like I said even when it comes to systems configurations and when I see the news and amount of big projects that are way off track and derailed to cook or in a phrase you know we we’ve done we’ve done well I don’t want to Pat myself on the back because I would never do that until we have a completed projects but we’ve come a long way and like I’ve always said you know I haven’t come this far to only come this far I’ll never get tired of that phrase because always know that I want to go forward we’re down to the last 36 accounts I’ll tell you what’s going on with them today via email of course and we’ll keep communicating until not only every configuration is fixed but we are formidable and stronger than ever before so I guess happy Easter to you all just thank you for all that you do you know it’s never going to be an easy ride it’s never going to be straightforward because with forming a new business it is brand spanking new still you know maybe once it’s a year old I won’t say that anymore but with ten months in and as I said it was delightful yesterday to communicate with so many people tell them they’re new level you know glean from the new system that is serving so late and yet still getting there one step at a time and that’s something we do collectively it’s not down to me never has been as a huge team of people here huge team in the USA that are working on the software but most importantly it has been your support getting us through so have a fantastic weekend I’ll have more updates for you next week because I’ve got some April objectives to clear with you next Thursday which will be the last I think it’d be the last Thursday of April because I always send you the monthly objectives and I’ve got a handful of those to go through with you next week I’ll communicate with the last few accounts today and tell you exactly where we are and congratulations to all of those all of you that have had a new recognition level so many more of those yet to come and we’ve got so far to go yet and like um you know I’ve been told by many of you our sales plan that is being configured spurred in the system is straightforward it’s understandable it’s not disguised in the prizes it can make real cash give you real growth we’ve just got to get it all working and you know what it feels like after 10 months and we’ve had some days when things just haven’t gone to plan in some weeks but it feels like we’re just on the brink of massive growth in this business and I know that’s going to happen once we’ve got everything lined up of course it will so thank you for everything you do none of this is possible without every single person that is on board and remember this is the business of choice people decide to be here they’re not forced to be here they’re not pushed to be here you’re here after choice and that makes it such a pleasant organization to be in thanks to you lot thank you very much and I’ll catch up with you soon thank you

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