Video Marketing Insider Review [Most In-depth Video Training Ever]


Video Marketing Insider Review [Most In-depth Video Training Ever]


– Hey everybody.
Adam Paine here coming at you from Central Japan
with the video marketing insider.
Finally I’m gonna be making my review of this product.
I’m still in the middle of making it actually, but there’s tons of stuff already inside.
I’m gonna go through what the video marketing insider is, all sort of stuff that’s inside.

The pricing, the funnel, all of that stuff.
I do apologize if I look a little bit disheveled.
Last night we got back from skiing we went to the Japanese alps, Nagano, where they had the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Fun times.

But you know, tons of stuff to put away.
Last night and this morning.
The kids had to get off to school as well.
So I didn’t have to make myself look pretty.
But it’s all good.
So I won’t dwell on the background of the video marketing

Cause if you watch in this video, then you already subscribed to my channel.
You’re on my email list.
You’re in the biz vadam Facebok group.
You may have stumbled across it and have no clue who the heck I am.
If that’s the case, nice to meet you.
But for everybody else, you’ve probably heard a little bit about it.
Because I’ve been talking about it for quite a while.
So like I said, I won’t get too much into the background of it, but the reason this did kind of get born
was because I got a little bit disillusioned with the VM industry and I wanted to create something
that was long term, that I could be proud of.

And pretty much encompassed everything that I’ve learned
over the years when it comes to video marketing.
I decided that a while ago that I was gonna focus on video several years ago.
That I was gonna focus on video marketing.
I’ve spoken at international events about it.
I’ve built up a following where I teach people about video marketing.
And this had lead to me creating this course.
Video marketing insider.
Now this has zero connection with anything else that I’ve created in the past.
Or anything that I’m currently associated with.

I still stand by all that stuff, and all the stuff that I’m associated with right now.
But this is an individual project.
Every single video in here has been created from fresh with regards to the video marketing insider.
All apart from one little module.
But I’ll tell you about that one soon.
So with that being said, the video marketing insider is gonna go live
on January the 16th.
Now it’s not like a normal launch you know when your people promote it for a week and then everybody forgets about it, onto the next shiny object,
and the creators of the course maybe stick with it for a month and then their promoting other stuff to their email list.

This isn’t gonna happen.
Anybody that buys the video marketing insider
will not get promoted other stuff via email from me.
From the video marketing insider list.
If you buy this product,
you won’t suddenly start getting emails from me every week
or every day promoting somebody else’s stuff.
That’s not how this is gonna work.
I’m only gonna be taking about video
and offering value to people that grab the video marketing
Now what you’re looking at right now is, you know,
inside of the members area.
And I’ll take you through it,
we’ll get to the pricing and all that.
But one more thing I wanna say.
It goes live on January the 16th.
Now the pricing is gonna remain the same for 90 days.
Yes that’s a long time. 90 days.
In that 90 days,
it doesn’t matter whether you buy it on the January the 16th
or the end of the 90 day period,
you know the price isn’t gonna change during that 90 days.
But once those 90 days are up,
the price is gonna rise.
And I am not going to bring it back for anybody.
Now in the future,
I’ve not decided yet,
but I might run you know some specials
or Christmas New Year specials,
or Black Friday specials.
But those specials will never be as cheap
as it is during these 90 days.
So I’m not gonna, you know,
suddenly, you know, offer it for a massive, massive
discount for you down the line.
And piss everybody off that bought it
when it started.
Anybody that buys it during the 90 days is a thank you.
You will never have to pay anything above what you pay.
So with that being said,
this is what’s inside.
Now it’s video marketing insider.
It’s not YouTube marketing insider.
That’s what a lot of people have emailed me about.
Video of which YouTube is a massive, massive part.
Don’t get me wrong.
But it also encompasses in our Facebook video,
Twitter video, Instagram video.
What happens after, you know, people watch your video.
You got people go onto your email list.
Well what happens then?
You’ve gotta you know communicate to these people
via email so there’s still a little bit of email stuff
in here.
It’s anything that is directly related to video
and a few things that aren’t directly related to video.
I don’t cover Instagram marketing,
or Pintrest marketing.
Or that kind of stuff.
But I do cover stuff connected to those things
when there’s a video slant on it.
So with that being said,
when you buy the video marketing insider
and you log in,
I would recommend that you go to the start here page
because everybody that purchases
it will be slightly different.
There will be some people that want to learn video
for certain things.
Others that are complete beginners.
Others that are more advanced.
So you watch the start here guide,
and you’ll know which place to go to.
Now this is for any level.
It doesn’t matter if you know
you’ve just learnt of YouTube today.
I’m sure that’s not you.
But if you’ve never uploaded a video,
never created a video,
then this is gonna be perfect for you.
If you’ve got a YouTube channel that you wanna grow,
this is gonna be perfect for you.
If you wanna get into affiliate marketing
or you know get more traffic to your current business,
this is for you.
If you wanna do local stuff,
CPA stuff, this is gonna be great.
And if you’re a little bit more advanced,
than this is still gonna be good for you because
we’re gonna be covering some advances SEO stuff
and some advanced tactics that you can use
to grow your business.
So with that being said,
enough of that, and let’s look inside.
To start here we’ve talked about the dashboard
is where the kind of main things are housed.
We’ve got the course library, community resources.
We’ve then got live training software.
Short sweet lessons.
We’ve then got, if you wanna become an affiliate,
reports and videos.
Now for the first 30 days,
you will not hear about this from anybody but me.
I’m not letting anybody else promote this.
Only me.
After that 30 days, then I’ll be reaching out to some
trusted people that perhaps wanna promote this course.
But if you buy it as a customer,
then you of course are allowed to promote this
if you want to.
You don’t have to of course,
but if you wanted to,
you could promote this, make a bit of money
from promoting it.
You may end up covering your cost, making a profit,
or good.
So with that being said,
let’s kind of start the course library.
This is where most of the training is housed.
So we click access now.
And I’ve tried to put it into different modules.
So we’ve got basically nine core sections
which may be added to in the future.
So what happens is somebody, let’s say they click
on getting started.
And inside of getting started,
we’ve got three courses.
And inside each course,
we have a set of lessons.
The same when we go to that ranking SEO for example.
We’ve got key word research,
right hand, on page, off page, playlist,
advanced link building strategies.
Same with here.
Niches and channel mastery.
We’ve got YouTube channel mastery,
which is how to grow a YouTube channel from scratch.
Now if you’re thinking well I’ve bought
some of your previous courses,
while I’ve used the same name for parts of them,
I do have a course called YouTube channel mastery.
All of these videos are completely redone,
they’re brand new for this course.
So if I click on this one for example,
this course, it would open up into lessons.
And then each lesson is here,
and each lesson will have a video.
So you kind of click on for example,
niche research here.
Niche research continued.
This particular video will pop up here.
They will host it on vimeo.
This is ten minutes long.
The one that goes before that
is a little bit longer I believe.
I could be wrong but …
A little bit longer. 17 minutes.
So we’re not talking, you know,
some of these videos are short.
Some of these videos are a couple of minutes long.
Some of these videos are 17, 20, 30 minutes long.
This isn’t something that’s meant to be consumed
within a day.
I’ve kind of got the mindset that
this is a video university that keeps getting added to
as video evolves, and as new concepts come onto the market.
And this is a place that you keep coming back to
when you wanna be reminded of something.
Learn something.
Or be updated about something.
So let’s just go back to the course library,
which you can also access up here.
And again, we cover you know, video scripting,
video creation,
complete beginner’s guide.
Getting your niches sorted out.
YouTube channels sorted out.
We cover all kinds of ranking YouTube ads.
All different kinds of YouTube ads.
We cover Facebook and other platforms.
Facebook live. Twitter.
We’re gonna have Instagram in the future.
List building and email,
we cover stuff for local businesses as well.
And we have some sections on affiliate marketing.
We got some basic module and then I’m creating
an advanced module.
Now depending on when you buy this course,
certain modules may be like this.
They may not all be created right now.
There will be a ton of material inside
by January the 16th,
but not everything will be created.
There is simply too much stuff.
But of course,
it will be added soon and you will have your membership.
So don’t worry about that.
So that’s the videos.
They’re probably gonna be close to 200 videos.
Maybe even more when it’s all said and done.
So it’s gonna be a lot of material.
You may not need every single video,
but you can pick and choose the stuff that you need.
And that is just the course library.
The community …
We’re gonna have a forum eventually.
First it’s gonna be a Facebook group.
Because it’s just great for interaction.
And it’s very simple to manage.
I’ve already got the group created.
You can click on the access now
and we’ll let you in.
You can ask questions in the group.
It’s not support by the way.
Support you can access up here,
and I’ll be in support as well.
Resources. There are lots of resources that you need.
Well not say you need.
But there are lots of resources of video marketing
I go through all of the tours
and resources that I personally use.
And talk you through them.
How to use them and you know,
you may see things in there that you’ve not heard of.
Maybe you heard of them, but you’re not really sure
whether they’ve been for you or not.
So you can kind of go in there and make a choice.
We’re gonna have live training as well.
Not decided yet whether that will be a mixture
of webinars, Facebook lives,
Q&A, that kind of stuff.
Software. Right now I’ve got three softwares in here.
I’ve got one that’s been created.
And I’ve got a list of seven or eight other softwares
that I’m gonna get made up as time goes on.
Most of you probably got access to this one already
to be perfectly honest.
My RSS feed submitter.
We also have my video ad software,
which basically allows you to pull monetized video.
This is for video ads that if you wanted video ads,
this pulls monetized videos for you.
An allows you to arrange them and lists got good keyword
research functions as well.
I do also have, I’ve got a tutorial in here.
I also have Twitter list building course as well.
So you can go to huge big and Twitter accounts
from people or companies in your niche.
And you can legally get their lists that are on Twitter.
They’re not their email lists.
They’re Twitter lists.
And you can import them so they’re on your account
and then you can run video ads to those lists,
which is really really great.
Twitter video ads are something that’s really underutilized.
I currently have a script being made up
that should be ready soon,
which is gonna be great for local marketers
and for paper call marketers
that do affiliate or CPA stuff as well.
That’s gonna be really good.
And like I mentioned we’ve got,
maybe eight or nine other softwares in the works
that you know as the months go on,
we’ll start putting them in there.
These softwares ain’t gonna cost you anything extra.
These are all part of the deal with video marketing insider.
So let’s go back to the dashboard.
You’ll also get access to the short and sweet lessons.
These are just lessons that I felt
didn’t really fall under any category.
But they’re one,
the video lessons that teach you one thing.
Sometimes they’re easy, sometimes they’re complicated,
but nothing’s easy when you don’t know how.
So these are all these how to videos
that we’ve got here.
Tons of stuff in here that you can use.
I’ve got loads of videos in here.
I won’t go through all of them,
but there’s tons of videos in there.
All the affiliate details gonna be on this page as well.
I’ll also be providing your tips and strategies
on how to promote this as an affiliate
so you can make a bit of money back.
Could even make a recurring profit.
Reports, we’ve got some downloaded PDF guides
that you can access here.
They’re all in here.
You can access those.
This is really really cool as well.
High definition stock videos that you are free
to download and use as you wish.
You can use them with any video editing software
that you have.
They’re all high definition in MP4.
Again so if you wanna create videos,
got tons of niches in here.
I’ve got nutrition.
I’m not gonna read all of these out.
Nutrition, LinkedIn, law, men’s dating,
mold removal, music, outdoor biking, real estate,
self improvement, survival.
Video production, veteran niche, toddlers,
health and fitness, food, entertainment,
diabetes, cryptocurrency, cooking, chiropractor,
business funding solutions, camping, cats, anti-aging,
and again I’m gonna be adding these are all here now.
So if you click on one of these,
you can download a zip file depending on the niche.
There may be two to four or five videos.
Some niches there are more videos than others.
Cause some niches are quite obscure.
And every month I’ll make sure to ad a couple of niches
in here as well.
And you can always request a niche.
And like I said you can download these,
you can use these anyway you want.
You have full rights to use them, edit them,
play around with them.
It’s really entirely up to you.
But they’re all high definition, good quality videos.
So we’ll go back to the dashboard.
You’re gonna get my support, my help, with this as well.
And it’s gonna be ongoing.
We’re gonna ad to this when it comes to training.
We’re gonna ad to this when it comes to software,
we’re gonna ad to this when it comes to the high definition
And it’s pretty much everything that I know about video.
And you know as video evolves, so will this course.
If I learn something new,
I’ll put it in this course.
If you have any questions, problems, get confused,
get stuck, my skillset, I believe,
is being able to take something that is seemingly
complex and make it easy to understand.
A lot of great marketers out there,
don’t get me wrong.
A lot of fantastic video marketers.
But not everybody can take something
and make it easy to understand.
I’ve got in 17 years experience in education.
And I believe that I’ve developed that particular skillset
over time through practical experience.
So that’s what I’m good at.
I personally believe. And other people have said it.
So without blabbering on too much,
hopefully this will be something that you can
actually understand and implement.
So I know what you’re thinking,
that’s all fantastic,
how much is it gonna cost me?
Well, I didn’t wanna make this an IM star launch.
This isn’t gonna be something that’s all money shy
or I’m not gonna be put in this the usual platforms.
In the future it may be available on certain platforms,
so every launch seems to be seven dollars, ninety seven,
seventeen dollars, twenty seven dollars,
thirty seven dollars.
And there’s a little bit of psychology in that.
With the seven.
And it is proven psychology.
I wanna distance myself from all the IM stuff.
This isn’t what it’s about.
So if you wanna buy it monthly,
and during this 90 day period,
it’s gonna be 30 bucks a month.
If you wanna buy it annually,
it will be 300 bucks per year.
If you wanna buy lifetime,
and I know lifetime is a silly word,
cause you know, how long’s a lifetime.
Lifetimes for the rest of my life.
If I die tomorrow I apologize.
But it’s $997.
Why have a said 997?
That was a thousand dollars.
I got this seven thing in my mind still,
cause I’ve been doing the IM thing too long myself.
So it’s gonna be 30 dollars a month.
300 a year.
1000 forever. For lifetime.
During that 90 day period.
It will go up,
I’ve not decided how much yet.
It will go up after that 90 days.
Although it might go up after that 90 days,
I might bring it down again,
but I’ll never bring it down as much as the 90 day period.
So if you wanna get it as cheap as it’s ever gonna be,
and I put my word on this, I’m not gonna BS anybody.
Does not affect scarcity.
30 bucks a month. $300 a year. Or a grand for lifetime.
And that’s … you’ll have it for that, basically.
Those price points are gonna appeal to different people
of course because some people will just pay a grand
and get it all now.
Other people may wanna test it out for a few months.
Other people may wanna get it for a year.
I don’t know.
It’s really entirely up to you.
I’m sorry there are no early birds.
There are no coupons.
90 days is the early bird.
There are no people in coats.
This is the discount right now.
I’ve bought courses and I’ve paid way way way more
than this.
I’ve spent 10,000 on a course once.
I’ve spent $3,000 multiple times.
And you know, when it comes to video,
I’ve never seen a course like this
that encompasses so much.
So with that being said,
its entirely up to you.
And again if you don’t wanna buy it,
there’s no pressure.
I’ll still be running my biz Adam group
which is not gonna change.
But you know there’s gonna be some more advanced stuff
in here that I share in that group.
And yeah.
You know, I’m completely approachable,
like I said, there’s support here.
I’m in Japan of course,
so if you do have a support question
just bear that in mind.
You know I might be asleep.
Staff might also be asleep.
I’ve got a couple of support staff,
but they’re over here in this kind of part
of the world.
So just bear that in mind.
People will get back to you if you have any questions
you can reach out to me.
You can ask me below this review
on the YouTube video.
A lot of you have got my email address.
You can email me.
If you’re in the biz Adam Facebook group
you can email me there.
Shoot a message there.
But with that being said,
I’ve spent a lot of time on this.
Spent a lot of money on this as well,
because that’s one thing I advocate as well.
Have I spent money on people helping me create
the actual site, the logo, the technical aspect,
putting it all together.
So I’ve put a lot of work into this,
a lot of effort into this.
And this is something that I’m gonna be standing by
from this point moving forward.
You’re gonna see much much less affiliate stuff from me.
Now of course, I might still recommend affiliate products
but not to people inside of video marketing insider
That’s special.
So with that being said,
thanks for watching.
Watch out for January 16th,
but you’ve got 90 days.
There is no pressure in that respect.
I’ll see you soon.

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